Shariq altaf main sideportrait v03 2k16bit
Shariq altaf main closeup b v03 1 blur
Shariq altaf turntable gif 400p v03
Shariq altaf viewport2

Raw Render, Viewport with without and with XGen

Shariq altaf barbary macaque texture breakdown sheet

V-Ray alSurface Shader was used for the skin

Barbary Macaque Breakdown

This is my most recent portfolio project where I challenged myself to create a monkey (Barbary Macaque) as photo-realistic as possible.

The monkey was sculpted in ZBrush, retopologized in Maya, textures were painted in Mari and a few bits done in Photoshop. The hair was done using XGen in Maya which was a "fun" learning experience. The shading, lighting and rendering was done with V-Ray.

Overall, this project was a great challenge and learning experience and I hope I can get to do more organic-based projects in future!

(Breakdown Video at the bottom)